Join the team at Green Frog Cleaning

Become part of a winning team! Our clients love our dynamic, friendly cleaning staff. We provide extensive training so that each one of our technicians is prepared for success!

Step 1: Two Minute Survey

See if you meet the minimum requirements for the job.

Step 2: Phone Interview

If you qualify, we'll give you a call for a quick phone interview

Step 3: Office Interview

We'll find a time that works for you to come visit our office and chat for a few minutes about the position.

Friendly People

We only allow friendly people to work at Green Frog. Let's face it, working with grumps is no fun for anyone. If you're happy and you know it... apply now.

Flexible and On Time

We believe being on time shows we care. We also believe all work and no play makes life dull. We use flexible scheduling so you can take as many days off as you want.

Perfect Cleaning

We know you're probably already an awesome cleaner. But... we're going to teach you how to REALLY clean. We follow the PMC method. It's our top secret way of getting more done in less time than all the other so-so cleaning companies.

Mobile Scheduling System

After you master our cleaning system by completing our initial training program you'll be able to go straight from your home to the cleaning jobs for the day. No need to check in to the office every day.

Collect payments

We will train you how to collect payments from clients when you are finished with each cleaning.

Sell Services

You will be trained on how to sell and schedule additional cleanings for each new client.


We offer great pay, bonuses, and benefits here at Green Frog


We offer several bonuses from $25 - $100 for completing tasks related to sales and customer service.


You'll get daily feedback about how you are doing. You'll know when you're rocking and when you need to work on something.


We have several levels of job advancement at Green Frog. Everyone starts as a Cleaning Technician and may move up to Trainer, Lead Trainer, or Assistant Operations Manager.